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Brand Dynamix is a multi-disciplinary digital brand and design agency out of Orange County that specializes in Brand Development, Digital & Display Marketing, Online Marketing, Google Adwords Marketing and Pay Per Click Marketing
Digital & Display Marketing, Online Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Pay-per-click MarketingGoogle Adwords Marketing, Adwords, iAds, Apple Advertising, iAds Advertising
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Digital Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

(Google Adwords  |  Facebook  |  Instagram)

Without web traffic your website is as good as done!  Getting to the top of search engines and staying at the top is not an easy feat!  The same holds true when trying to stay ahead of your competition on any major search engine.  The competitive nature of many industries is nowhere more prevalent than online.  The more competitive your industry, the less chance you have of ranking organically in search engines. Fortunately Google Adwords campaigns and Facebook Marketing campaigns offer businesses a sure way to successfully expose and market their brands online.  eCommerce stores, service oriented businesses, real estate agencies, insurance companies and other corporate businesses can all find great value in advertising in the pay-per-click advertising realm. With pay-per-click marketing and using targeted keywords, geographic positioning and a realistic budget we are able to target your demographic and ultimately drive more traffic to your website.

Display advertising is one of the biggest players of many successful digital marketing campaigns. There are countless smart and successful applications for the diverse facets of display advertising services, like retargeting and banner ads, that we use to help ensure the success of our efforts. However, display advertising is not for every campaign largely because of the cost. For example, retargeting requires a minimum media budget of at least $1,000 a month in order to be effective. For this reason, retargeting and some other aspects of display advertising are best reserved for clients with larger budgets. When used as a strategic component in an overall digital marketing campaign, display advertising can be an extremely worthwhile investment.

Since Apple’s launch of the iAds platform, it has allowed many brands to successfully target the millions of mobile users on iPhones and iPads.  Through this successful targeted mobile marketing solution, one is able to capture the the millions of consumers that are using their mobile devices for online searches and online purchases.