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Brand Dynamix is a multi-disciplinary digital brand and design agency out of Orange County that specializes in Brand Development, Print Design, Digital and Print Marketing, Website Development and Video Production.
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Agency Services


Time to strut your stuff.  Some businesses can succeed without a well designed brand, but imagine what greatness a business can achieve with a brand that truly exemplifies the essence of your business.  A great brand resonates with it’s fans and builds customer loyalty.  Great branding personifies the essence of how others will perceive your brand.  Positive perceived value of your brand spells certain brand longevity. As brand innovators our goal is to design and develop branding strategies that elevate your brand, build brand recognition and succeed in inspiring fan loyalty.  From small branded key chains to large billboards or custom vehicle wraps, our mission as a creative Brand Agency is to ensure the brand continuity throughout the design


Mastering the art of the unspoken word…graphic design.  Yep, for over a century now the human mind has been exposed to and developed a taste for brands that are more than just meaningful to the individual.  Some brands have have become ingrained into the DNA of a person’s life. Beautiful and creative design is more than something to behold, it’s #@%$ awesome.  When tastefully administered, graphic design can produce thought-provoking concepts across branded marketing collateral, brochure and catalog design, packaging design, magazine design, print ad design and even website design. We consider ourselves pioneers of creativity and thinkers of all things inspirational.


Ah yes, when that Nike box arrives at my door.  Call us crazy, but there is just something exhilarating about beautiful packaging designBrand packaging is often an overlooked or under-budgeted design component, which in retrospect is a major blunder for your brand appeal.  If perception matters to you, surely it matters to your consumers. Product packaging design evokes everything about your product and brand perception. Whether your product is luxurious, bold, charming, casual, nostalgic or crisp contemporary, innovative and eye-catching packaging design that exudes the essence of your brand, often helps build brand loyalty.


There is no question that the online world has changed the way we view marketing as well as do business.  But it’s more than just that!  The online realm has exposed more people across the globe to beautiful cultures, breathtaking places, captivating events, inspiring literature and exciting brands that they otherwise would never have been exposed to. It has transformed the way humans interact with a brand on a more intimate level.  Through the use of social media and video integration, stellar website design has become a virtual experience to explore, share, shop and purchase a brand both at home or on the go.


Want to sell ice to an eskimo in winter?   Well, chances are you’re in luck!  With the advent of eCommerce websites, selling products online has become as easy as selling lemonade on a neighborhood street. eCommerce websites are not a DIY project by any means and the cost to setup shop can expensive to say the least. Fortunately there are open-source eCommerce platforms like Woocommerce (our favorite) that offer little to no monthly expenditures.  Woocommerce websites are becoming more and more popular as many open-source developers expand on the dynamic nature of innovative programming.  Woocommerce webites also offer easier integration with affordable 3rd party plugins and widgets.


When we inspire minds we have done something right!  Evoking “that” emotion is what successful marketing and advertising is all about. As visionaries of provoking the mind, our creative marketing and design solutions produce awe-inspiring results. To resonate with your target audience, we develop and deploy targeted marketing strategies tailor-made to fit your needs and budget.  From Pay-Per-Click Advertising to Social Media Marketing, we create winning strategies that are measurable and scalable. As brand marketeers, our main goals are to increase brand sales, instill brand loyalty and develop brand awareness.


Without traffic your website is as good as done!  Getting to the top of search engines and staying at the top is not an easy feat!  The same holds true when trying to stay ahead of your competition on any major search engine.  The competitive nature of many industries is nowhere more prevalent than online.  The more competitive your industry, the less chance you have of ranking organically in search engines. Google Adwords Campaigns and Facebook Marketing Campaigns are the best way to successfully market any business brand.  eCommerce stores, service oriented businesses, real estate agencies, insurance companies and other corporate businesses can all find great value in online advertising in the search engine marketing realm.


SEO what?  Search Engine Optimization is very much an essential and integral  as part of your online brand strategy.  Simply put Search Engine Optimization is the process to increase or rank higher a website’s visibility organically within a search engine. The more competitive your industry, the more difficult it can be to rank your website organically.  Several factors typically dictate the success of SEO; original keyword-rich content, quality of content, server speed, social media, and having a mobile-friendly websiteNiche SEO can also prove to be successful in certain competitive industries.